responsibilities: Concept & Game Design, Asset Creation, Art & Animation Direction
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Front Entrance Staircase

Drag Strip

The entrance staircase and drag strip are two iconic moments from the show. They are used in the game as backgrounds for the main game and feature race bonus.

Concept Sketches

Concept Portraits

Before the general rendering approach for the characters were locked down, I painted these above conceptual portraits so the team at Universal could see what the characters would look like in-game..

Herman Munster

Lily Munster

Grandpa Munster

Marilyn Munster

Eddie Munster

The final in-game portrait art. All images are digital Photoshop paintings. I did not smudge existing photos. Each one was produced exactly like a traditional painting (penciled line art, toned under paintings and color washes) I utilized a variety of reference from both the show and approved style guide stills to keep the actor likenesses accurate.

Slot Bank Concept

Grandpa Character Line Art

These line drawing concepts were used as pitch art and guidance for 3D modelers.

Logo Designs

For in-game branding, I created an assortment of gamified logos that reflected The Munsters theme. Becaue there weren't many examples of graphics in the show, I looked to horror pulp magazines from the same time period for inspiration.
Grandpa's Lab
Grandpa's Lab
Drag Strip
Drag Strip
These are alternate playfields for follow up games. The drag strip is a concept painting for a real-time 3D race game.

Concept for a Promotional Poster

Final Game Card

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