my initial sketches depicting both the pre-wedding party for the film's star Rani and the evolution of her character's growth as she becomes a more self-sufficient woman, which I represented through Rani's exposure to social media culture.

These are my art direction notes and the subsequent results of the production team's work on the playfields. The first two depict a lights on-lights off transition of the pre-wedding party.

The third image, portrayed in yellow, showcases a montage of Rani's expressions and her growth through social media.

Further art direction notes instructing the production team on how I want the playfield reels to look and how to incorporate them into final art.


Since we needed to portray the actual actors from the film in the game, I took on the responsibility of painting the actor/character art myself. I then handed these off to the production team, who, under my guidance, finalized the symbols for inclusion in the game. These are the characters for the main playfield.

A similar process was used for these characters; however, these specifically represent the characters for the free spin bonus. It is worth noting that the main character, Rani, undergoes a transformation in the film, so unlike her strict cultural appearance at the beginning of the game, she now has her hair down to symbolize her evolution. This subtle change helps reinforce the narrative of the game for players.

These movement tests utilize AI assistance to animate my 2D-painted portraits. While they may evoke a sense of uncanny valley, they offer an interesting exploration into what can be achieved with this technique.
Due to the team's remote nature, the language barrier, and significant time differences, I took the initiative to create comprehensive notes to avoid any miscommunication. In addition to regular direction notes, I went above and beyond by incorporating my research on cultural cues identified in the film. My intention was to foster productive collaboration with the support teams, leveraging their cultural knowledge. This allowed them to provide valuable feedback and prevent any potential missteps that could insult the player base. The back-and-forth communication between myself and the team worked well because I approached it with an open mindset. Rather than imposing heavy-handed directions, I actively sought and genuinely embraced their input, recognizing myself as a stranger to their culture.

The following images showcase the art direction notes I provided for the main playfield symbols and I also included the final results (right) from the production team in India.

For this feature symbol, I created the text to ensure consistency with the other graphic elements I was producing.

This is the symbol set for the free spin bonus.


To represent the different places Rani traveled to I made a Matcher game comprised of postcards for each area. As the player, you had to match 3 similar cards to win. All graphics created by me.

Along with a Matcher game, the overall game experience required gems for a Match 3 puzzle game.I began with rough sketches and provided guidance to the production team as the gem designs evolved.

various logo designs and the progressive meter for the jackpot feature

transition screens I made to serve as both game messaging and further reinforcement of the IP theme. Rani's evolution from a quiet, shy girl to a girl who travels the world by herself.

As these games were based on existing intellectual properties (IP), we made deliberate efforts to include scenes from various properties to provide players with an additional sense of familiarity with their favorite films or TV shows. I carefully selected clips that best represented the story I wanted to convey in the game. Each clip underwent scrutiny to ensure it met the required length, avoided potential copyright issues, and offered overall entertainment value.

A final version of the game was developed to emulate the classic stepper casino games. Considering that the intended audience of the game may not be familiar with casino gaming, we incorporated 3x3 reels as a means to introduce this traditional style of gameplay.

The final art.

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