set rendering w/ environment graphic designs
responsibilities include: set design and paint, environment graphics, logo design, retouching and illustration
© Robert "Bob" MacNeil All Rights Reserved.
project completion time: 2 1/2 weeks (from concept to final painting)
This project was part of a submission package I created for Pixar Animation Studios. I was applying for a graphic design position on Toy Story 3. The subject I chose was 1950's American era graphics. This initial sketch of a small town street scene served as my jumping off point for the eventual environment graphics I produced.
Because there were no parameters set for this project, what I created was solely up to my discretion. The first graphic I created was this time period styled newspaper. The actual text on the page is a recounting of my artistic career.
It was fun to immerse myself in the graphic language that defined this period. Through an exhaustive amount of research, I was able to identify key elements such as font faces, colors even the wording that's typically found on a variety of era specific graphics. Because this material does exist and can easily be found by anyone via a simple internet search, I had to be conscious of my design choices and how I reproduced my samples. Because I was using programs like Photoshop and Illustrator, I had to make sure my work didn't look like it was created in a computer. It would have lost all it's connection to the era I was depicting.
Once I completed all the graphics for my submission package, I decided to fully render my initial sketch. Even though I was applying for a graphic design position, I have always enjoyed creating environment concepts and designs, and figured it would help to show that I possessed skills beyond what I was applying for. I also thought it might be helpful to the review staff at Pixar if they were able to see my work in context of an actual scene.
I was granted an interview at Pixar for my work, but unfortunately, did not get the job. I never got a real reason as to why, but I did hear a number of people I interviewed with all thought I was a perfect candidate. I did however, gain some great friends from the experience. So their loss or mine, you decide.....
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