responsibilities: Supervising Creative Direction, Concept & Game Design, 2D & 3D Asset Creation, Animation
Painted Parcels

Initially, I painted these images without taking into account the complexity of scale. However, as it turned out, they proved to be highly valuable in identifying design choices during the process.

Painted/ Modeled Parcels

This sketch represents my vision for the appearance of a city parcel. The initial 3D work was outsourced and provided the basis for the final artwork that I painted in Photoshop.

Within the city parcel, my intention was to highlight the presence of .ERTH. The initial model for it was created by the same outsourcing agency.

Once again, utilizing the outsourced 3D tower model, I proceeded to finalize the artwork in Photoshop.

Modeled Parcels

As voxel became more of a focal point, I employed Magicavoxel to revise the parcels in a 3D format.

Working with voxels is a challenging medium for organically shaped objects. It doesn't offer much forgiveness, so it was quite difficult to match the original 3D/Photoshop tower.

A few cinematic scenes I made to validate alternative approaches to traditional isometric art.

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