responsibilities: Supervising Art Direction, Concept & Game Design, 2D Asset Creation, Animation Direction
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GAME ATTRACTS: The characters in the game were predominantly created by support artists under my art direction. I personally designed the accompanying graphics, including the frame designs and logos. These visually captivating images are placed atop the slot machines in casinos, effectively attracting the attention of players as they explore the gaming floor. The combination of unique graphic and art styles sets the tone for the diverse themes carried over to the game assets.
When adapting games for online play, we implemented a strategy of creating movie poster promos to effectively promote these games. Just like with the attracts, I oversaw the creation of characters by support artists and occasionally performed retouching on delivered assets to ensure their final release quality. I personally produced these final images and utilized these opportunities to further enhance and express each game's unique theme.
If I couldn't obtain the necessary assets from support artists, I would take matters into my own hands and create character art myself. Additionally, there were instances where I had to revise the delivered art for various reasons, such as game changes or the requirement for enhanced quality.
While character art was typically outsourced by the studio, background art was not given high priority in the development roadmap. However, understanding the importance of backgrounds in enhancing a game's theme, I took it upon myself to incorporate them whenever feasible. Despite the tight deadlines, I worked fast to create backgrounds that justified their inclusion in the games. I firmly believed that the extra effort was worthwhile, as these backgrounds significantly enhanced the overall gaming experience.
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