responsibilities: Concept & Game Design, Asset Creation, Art & Animation Direction
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Early Scene Concept

This was the first image I created after the idea of this game concept was first discussed. My thoughts were to portray the pig characters as neighbors in a stereotypical 1950's setting, sort of like Leave it to Beaver. The wolf or "greaser" character shows up and upsets the peace.

Wolfgang Chuck Concept

Chuck was going to dance in the game, so I made this concept to show the animator his limited range of movement. I wanted the game to feel somewhat like a children's book.

We will rebuild object designs

For awhile we played with the idea of weaponizing the pigs, (to give them an unexpected, comedic edge) but ultimately went with objects that were easier to associate with the story of the Three Little Pigs. I drew the objects and Josh painted them.

Logo Exploration

For the game's graphic design, I envisioned sort of a picture book approach and that led me to the design of the 1950's. I liked the muted colors and simpler approach to letter forms used in that era. As a result, the logo gravitated toward a sort of screen print aesthetic.
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