responsibilities: Supervising Creative Direction, Concept & Game Design, 2D & 3D Asset Creation, Animation Direction

early set of seamless textures, the direction was more chunky and fun with these

Updated seamless and billboard textures for basic natural elements

Lighting Keys
created to provide guidance to the development team responsible for building the world systems in Unity. These lighting keys serve as a reference to ensure consistent and appropriate lighting throughout the game world, enhancing the overall visual experience.

morning or day lighting

setting light, because I didn't want to overly complicate the game systems this lighting would be used for both sun set and sun rise

nighttime lighting

Concept Art
Although I started out with static concept art, I ended up creating 360° panoramic concept images to better illustrate the immersive quality of the virtual world.

click and drag to move camera around

click and drag to move camera around

billboard grass dispersed with a simple particle system

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