responsibilities: Supervising Creative Direction, Concept & Game Design, 2D & 3D Asset Creation, Animation
Avatar Shape Exploration

At one point, I aimed to incorporate pixel art into the project. To ensure precise control over the pixels from one shape to another, I explored various character designs using Illustrator.

Later in the process, I transitioned to using Blender for 3D work, but I was still in the exploratory phase. However, in order to consider all possibilities, I also experimented with realistic proportions alongside other approaches.

After extensive experimentation, I settled on a style that combined the generative 2D avatars with a low-poly, stylized body. This approach struck the right balance and achieved the desired visual outcome.

Animation Tests
For testing the meshes and rig setup in the game, I employed Mixamo to apply basic actions. However, since certain actions were not available in Mixamo, I had to animate them manually. Initially, I began animating with FK (Forward Kinematics) poses, and as the actions became more intricate, I gradually shifted to using IK (Inverse Kinematics) rigs. Here are some examples showcasing the results of these testing iterations.
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