responsibilities: Supervising Creative Direction, Concept & Game Design, 2D & 3D Asset Creation, Animation
Character Sketches
Most concepts begin with a sketch, serving as an initial idea on paper. These sketches can range from detailed representations to simple ones, such as the ones depicted here. I even involved my daughter by asking her to contribute rough ideas, hoping to gain fresh perspectives for the creative process.

Can you pick out the sketches my daughter made?

I also experimented with the concept of using an androgynous character as I aimed to make the project inclusive and accessible to all individuals.

A bit of refinement with some tighter sketches.

A total redirect to a more playful look. I liked the bright colors here and that continued into the final art.

I transitioned to voxel modeling to establish a connection between the generative avatars and the world environment. Mauri Helme provided valuable input on the voxel approach, his early submissions were fantastic. After further guidance and collaboration, we ultimately settled on option 6, which marked the starting point of our final outcome.

Here are some snippets from the early direction I provided to Mauri, emphasizing the goal of infusing the characters with a significant amount of personality.

Recognizing that pixel art would complement the voxel characters well, I created these images as backdrops to enhance the overall aesthetic.

An overview of the complete collection.

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